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Oakville, ON, September 4, 2014 – TQS Technologies, a total provider of supply chain software solutions (TQS Technologies Suite of Software Solutions) for logistics, warehousing, third party logistics (3PL), transportation and mobile fleet management, announces launch of new TQS iRoute website which provides complete tracking solutions for the logistics business challenges in Pickup & Delivery, Route Planning, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

TQS iRoute, TQS iRoute VT and TQS iPack are our new software tracking solutions.
TQS™ iRoute is user-friendly and cost effective application, offering mobile and online tools for your pickup and delivery, route planning, GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management, and real time tracking.
TQS™ iRoute VT is a mobile and web on-board pickup and delivery system for use in scanning Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).  
TQS™ iPack is a mobile warehouse solution for environments which have a need to introduce automated pre-ship verification and pre-ship staging setup within the warehousing process.

All the applications are compatible with devices running windows mobile and can be integrated with different delivery management programs or various warehouse management systems (WMS).  

The real-time fleet management and status updates information are displayed on the TQS vServe for iRoute and iPack web portal for global visibility. Whether being used for internal transportation management or customer tracking requests, TQS™ iRoute communicates and provides web enabled visibility to the pickup and delivery status via GPS tracking. TQS tracking system will be used to view the locations of the trucks and details of the shipments.
“Our TQS™ tracking solutions put the power of the TQS Technologies system in the hands of our clients, by providing full functionalities for viewing and completing planned deliveries and pickups, scanning and tracking shipments, reporting exceptions, and more. Main goals are to improve support, scanning and tracking visibility, to improved checks and balances for pickups and drop-offs and better scalability” said Chris Mattice, President and CEO of 3PLQS. “"This gives our clients ability to improve their Customer Service, Corporate and Client Visibility, and effectively implement organization strategies and gain competitive advantage."

About TQS Technologies. TQS Technologies is a total provider of supply chain software solutions (TQS Technologies Suite of Software Solutions). We bring extensive products and services that solve real-time logistics problems - giving you more savings for less investment.

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