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Description: ThreePL Quality System Inc. (3PLQS), operating as TQS Logistics total provider of supply chain solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Oakville, ON, November 5, 2013 – ThreePL Quality System Inc., a total provider of supply chain software solutions  (TQS Technologies Suite of Software Solutions see ) for logistics, warehousing, third party logistics (3PL), transportation and mobile fleet management announced the launch of its new TQS vServe mobile apps, for both iPhone and Android smartphones. This cross-platform application is user-focused and features the newest technology available to smart phone and mobile device users.

TQS™ continues to advance its technological supply chain management software to achieve and enable - Purchase Order tracking and management of global resellers, distributors, stores or dealerships purchases placed through their corporate enterprise’s sales order management systems. Clients will be able to search for specific purchase orders and shipments, receive status updates, and send inquiries from the smartphone device via the mobile vServe application. Additionally, users have the ability to view shipment and purchase order product item details, order fill rates, verify items, send messages for shipment verification, and purchase order receipt validation. This is now achieved all at a touch of their fingertips on the device of their choice.
TQS vServe mobile app works hand-in-hand with our All Makes Express tracking portal, the portal dashboard gives quick and easy access to all main features of the complete All Makes Express site and its functionality.  Creating the mobile application deployed using our advanced technology was the next logical step of the TQS Logistics third party supply chain solution provided to our North American Heavy Duty Trucking aftermarket parts clientele.  In this TQS™ uniquely created environment our information technology and network connectivity creates the 3PLQS Supply Chain Management System and fosters Total Quality processes.  

 “Providing vital real time visibility of all product flowing through our delivery system to everyone involved across the distribution map, TQS™ vServe and TQSTM vServe mobile takes care of the details, displays the supply chain path from order placed to order delivered and enables all distribution network users the ability to ‘act upon’ and broadcast queries via their smartphone device providing better time management and allowing focus to a locations’ business priorities and customer’s needs. We are committed to serving our customers and providing them with real information,” said Chris Mattice, President and CEO of 3PLQS.  “We understand our customer business needs and we are committed to deploying the technology to save the time and money wherever we can.”

About 3PLQS, ThreePL Quality System Inc. is a total provider of supply chain software solutions (TQS Technologies Suite of Software Solutions) including logistics, warehousing, third party logistics (3PL), transportation and mobile fleet management. We bring extensive products and services that solve real-time logistics problems - giving you more savings for less investment.  For more information, visit or

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