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Description: TQS Technologies announced that Thorsons Enclosed Vehicle Transportation will implement their TQS™ iRoute VT and TQS™ vServe System solutions (TQS iRoute VT and TQS vServe for iRoute VT).

Oakville, ON, August 26, 2014 – TQS Technologies, a total provider of supply chain software solutions (TQS Technologies Suite of Software Solutions) for logistics, warehousing, third party logistics (3PL), transportation and mobile fleet management, announced that will provide Thorsons Enclosed Vehicle Transportation with new software technologies for their mobile onboard pickup and delivery vehicle scanning system. TQS Technologies will provide services through their applications, TQS™ iRoute VT and TQS™ vServe for iRoute VT.  These mobile applications will be fully integrated with each other and will interface with the Thorsons EVT’s existing system replacing their legacy system.

TQS™ iRoute VT is a mobile on-board pickup and delivery system for use in scanning Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).  It is an application with compatibility for devices running windows mobile and can be integrated with the current delivery management programs. It records the pickup and delivery scanning transactions whereby providing real time status updates and proof of delivery status. This allows for processing of information for each specific shipment occurrence and displays the scanned information directly to the delivery drivers via the active mobile devices in use by Thorsons EVT.

The real-time fleet management and status updates information are displayed on the TQS vServe for iRoute VT web portal for global visibility. Whether being used for internal transportation management or customer tracking requests, TQS™ iRoute VT communicates and provides web enabled visibility to the pickup and delivery status via GPS tracking. TQS tracking system will be used to view the locations of the trucks and details of the shipments.

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