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As part of its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, TQS Lifestyle Association is committed reaching out to the community. The TQS Lifestyle Association has chosen specific community organizations to support by assisting in their efforts to make a difference in people’s lives through our mentoring and awareness campaigns.

Lymphoma Canada

Lymphoma Canada

Lymphoma affects many people, from patients, family and caregivers, to medical professionals and researchers. Lymphoma Canada connects and empowers this community. Together we are promoting early detection, finding new and better treatments, helping patients access those treatments, learning lymphoma's causes, and finding a cure.

Lymphoma Canada provides, at no cost and in both official languages: electronic and print materials on the Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and CLL, peer and caregiver support groups, educational forums and advocacy on behalf of patients. Lymphoma Canada also funds Canadian research.

For more information on the Lymphoma Canada, visit

Take it to the Mat,The Great Yoga and Wellness Event - a Fundraiser for Lymphoma Canada 2015

take it to the mat - the Great Yoga and Wellness event 2015

On November 15th, my mother Catherine and I will be participating in Lymphoma Canada’s second annual fundraising event - take to the mat, the Great Yoga and Wellness event. Take it to the mat is presented with a host of wellness and yoga gurus, and all participants have the option to join either a 108 minute yoga class or 108 minute meditation workshop. We have decided to team up with Lymphoma Canada for a second year because it connects with many of the principles that our TQS Transformation initiative strives to promote. It... Read more

TQS Transformation is proud to participate in “take it to the mat’s” 2016 online fundraising auction contributing Blue Jay tickets. For further information about directions, events and venue please visit Blue Jays website.

Children's Wish Foundation

Children's Wish Foundation

Since its inception, Children's Wish has granted more than 17,000 wishes for children with high risk, life threatening illnesses and their families. The Foundation fulfills approximately 1000 wishes annually -- granting nearly three wishes everyday. Whether it’s an individual adventure a cherished item, each wish is carefully structured to fulfill a child’s most heartfelt wish.

For more information on the Children's Wish Foundation, visit

Cameron Shares his Story of Hope at a School Fundraiser for Sick Kids


Cameron Mattice recently shared his story as a cancer survivor with the students at Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School to kick off their fundraiser for Sick Kids. With his body healed, his mind at peace and his heart now open to the possibilities of the future, sharing the journey of his illness and healing with the students was a chance to close the circle. Before meeting with the kids, Cameron took his time to think about his message. While it is an emotional story to tell, he wanted his talk to be more than what happened to him.... Read more

Mattice Family

My Children's Wish

Since starting to snowboard at age 7, it had always been a dream of mine to one day travel out west and ride the fresh powder on Banff Springs. As my mother had travelled out west to ski the mountains earlier in her life, I heard stories of how beautiful the mountains and wildlife are in this particular part of Alberta. A trip to Banff didn’t seem possible at the time. My parents were paying for me to follow my dream as a baseball player, and it would have been too much to ask for, to travel out west. Read More

Chromosome 18

The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research

The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society is a lay advocacy organization composed primarily of the parents of individuals with one of the chromosome 18 abnormalities. There are five major conditions involving large changes of chromosome 18. Each condition has a wide variety of characters and can vary in severity. And every individual with a chromosome change is different. The mission of the Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society is to help individuals with chromosome 18 abnormalities overcome the obstacles they face so they might lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

For more information on The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society, visit

Noah’s Bowl for 18 - 3rd Annual Event- 2016

TQS Transformation had the wonderful opportunity to participate with well over 150 people at the annual "Noah's Bowl for 18" event. This was the 3rd Annual Noah's Bowl for 18 held on Saturday November 5, 2016 from 1 to 4 pm at BURLINGTON BOWL More info

On September 30th we arranged for a very special young man to meet with his favourite professional baseball player. It was a wonderful day at the Rogers Centre! The Toronto Blue Jays hosted the New York Yankees and during the pregame workout Noah had the opportunity to meet with Adam Lind. Afterward our Lifestyle Coach Cameron entertained Noah to the best seats in the diamond, first row behind the plate! It was such a positive journey for Noah and Cameron that day and one which will remain in their hearts for life. Read More.

We can all contribute. It’s always a question of if we choose to take the journey in Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle.

 Noah meets Adam Lind Toronto Blue Jays Noah meets Adam Lind Toronto Blue Jays

Trust Your Journey - Your Stories - Noah’s time

Twenty years ago on September 23, 1992 after a very healthy pregnancy, I gave birth to a beautiful 7lb, 13 oz baby boy. We named him Noah and we were very excited to introduce him to his 2 year old brother Nathan. I was especially excited because we now had two boys only two years apart. My husband, Jeff, and I had created our beautiful family. I began envisioning our boys sharing very similar life experiences as they grew up to achieve their dreams together.

Within the first week or so after bringing Noah home, I had an incredibly strong maternal instinct that he wasn’t responding as he should. When I held Noah, he felt “floppy,” like he had low muscle tone. Because we had had our very active, thriving baby Nathan only two years prior, I was able to compare my experiences. I also noticed that Noah had a delayed response to his surroundings and he was not getting the hang of breast feeding. After many tears, we persevered together and he eventually caught on, but it took time –which we now affectionately refer to as “Noah’s time.” But as my worries escalated, I remember sitting in my room holding onto our beautiful baby boy with tears streaming down my face knowing in my heart that something was just not quite the way it should be. Read More

We are a proud sponsor of

The Speed Academy

The Speed Academy

Mission Statement

To encourage and develop athletic talent in a safe, positive and caring environment.

For more information on The Speed Academy, visit

 Fuelling the Need for Speed


TQS Transformation is proud to support The Speed Academy Athletics Club in their efforts to train and showcase young Canadian Track and Field athletes. Among the many talented young athletes within the Speed Academy family, TQS Transformation took a moment to catch up on the accomplishments of sprinter Andre De Grasse from Markham, Ontario. Andre De Grasse, 18, recently competed at the 2013 Junior Pan-Am games in Columbia where he captured two medals - a silver medal in the 100m and a bronze in the 200m. While he carries himself with the quiet poise of a seasoned athlete confident... Read more

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